Blind Spot: The Beatles' 'Revolver'

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Boy bands and reality TV really bug me. I mean really.

Not that I have anything against the performers themselves, mind you, just that, to me, they represent everything wrong with the entertainment business.

Rather than being organic emergences of musical talent or intriguing personalities, they’re most often just attempts by executives to copycat already successful (not to mention shallow) pop culture trends.

That premise brought me to a serious question: Are the Beatles — the biggest boy band and reality stars — any good?

Yes, like every one of my generation (X or Y or whatever) with access to TV and movies, I’ve been exposed to decades of mainstream baby boomer devotion to the four lads from Liverpool. Many boomers can recite the Beatles timeline — their uproarious debut on Ed Sullivan, John Lennon’s move toward philosophy and existentialism, their breakup and the heartbreak that came with his death dashing any hopes of a reunion.

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