George Harrison Said It Was Good The Beatles Split up Because Then They Didn't Have to ...

Friday, May 13, 2022

George Harrison always looked at the brighter side of things, including The Beatles‘ split. While the world mourned the end of one of the most famous rock band’s in history, and his bandmates went their separate ways, George considered the positives of shedding his Beatle George façade.

First of all, George didn’t have to push and fight to get his songs on an album. He didn’t have to compromise on anything either. He was free to make music the way he wanted and turn his plethora of songs into a seven-times platinum album.
In 1970, shortly after The Beatles broke up, George spoke to WABC-FM New York’s Howard Smith (per Beatles Interviews). Smith said he didn’t know George was a great songwriter because there were few of his songs on Beatles albums.



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