How history shaped the John Lennon Wall in Prague

Sunday, October 20, 2019

In a city filled with stunningly beautiful monuments, a Gothic bridge of much atmospheric antiquity, a languid river, a sprawling palace complex, the John Lennon Wall is a bit of an anomaly. But there is no doubt about it: this wall dating back to the 60s is a historical record-of-sorts, replete with much drama and turbulence. Spanning a stretch of less than a kilometre, the compound wall belongs to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a Catholic lay religious order. Every conceivable inch of it is covered with bright, even lurid, graffiti. Just off-centre is the familiar face, with its round glasses.

Alongside Lennon’s face run the words ‘All you need is love’. The face is almost fully covered with fresh drawings now, only the eyes watch steadily.

Source: Sheila Kumar/


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