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It was exactly 50 years ago when Barbara Bezant and Lyn Jeffries got together to record a message for the Fab Four. They stuck it in the post but didn't hear anything back - until now. 

The tape triggered a bizarre chain of events that has ended five decades later with a personal message from Paul McCartney and the pals being reunited on TV. Barbara, 67, of Bay Road, Dovercourt, in Essex said: "We were school friends in south London in the early Sixties. "It was 1963 and we were big Beatles fans so we made a reel-to-reel tape in our bedrooms with silly sound effects and funny voices which lasted about 15 minutes and posted it to them.

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Julia Lennon was killed when she was knocked over by a car as she crossed the road in 1958.Although she had given Lennon up age five, at the time of her death the pair had reconciled, leading Lennon to later tell how he felt he had lost her twice.

In his new book Tune In the first of a three-part biography of the group, author and Beatles' historian Mark Lewisohn said the incident caused the “most tremendous heartbreak” for Lennon.“For John, who’d grown up without Julia from the age of five, losing her again at 17, with such appalling finality, was the most tremendous and irreconcilable heartbreak,” he writes.

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PREVIEWING HIS FORTHCOMING 24th solo studio album – entitled New – in the latest MOJO magazine, Paul McCartney pricks the bubble of received wisdom that surrounds his former, quite-well-known band, The Beatles. One song,

Early Days, refers pointedly to those who “weren’t there” and their wayward takes on his history. “It’s a constant niggle,” he tells MOJO’s Pat Gilbert. “The fact is there’s only a given body of people who really know inside out what goes on, and other people analyse it and that’s fine. But when they get it wrong, you just have to live with it.”

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McCartney to play for 6 Music - Saturday, September 21, 2013

Paul McCartney is to perform at BBC Maida Vale as part of a 6 Music event. The forrmer Beatle, whose forthcoming album New is released by Hear Music/Universal on October 14, will play at the BBC studios on Wednesday, October 16 during 6 Music Live at Maida Vale.

It will go out during presenter Lauren Laverne's morning programme and feature alongside sets from Polica (October 14), Goldfrapp (15), Manic Street Preachers (17) and Sigur Ros (17). The title track of McCartney's album has just been added to the 6 Music B list, while is also an addition to the Radio 2 A list.

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A star ruby and diamond spiritual ring owned and worn by Elvis Presley, a four-string banjo owned and played by George Harrison and a Civil War 36-star flag made by Tiffany & Co. will be sold Oct. 6th

(ATLANTA, Ga.) – A star ruby and diamond spiritual ring owned and worn by Elvis Presley, a four-string banjo owned and played by former Beatle George Harrison and a rare Civil War 36-star “General’s Guide” flag made by Tiffany & Company are just a few of the marquis lots slated to come up for bid at Ahlers & Ogletree’s Fall Estates Auction on Sunday, Oct. 6th. The auction will begin promptly at 11 a.m. (EST) at Ahler’s & Ogletree’s spacious gallery located at 715 Miami Circle (Suite 210) in Atlanta. In all, about 600 lots will be sold, in a rainbow of categories to include fine art, Asian objects, period furniture, estate jewelry, Old Paris and Ridgway porcelain, fine silver, chandeliers, Persian rugs, Beatles fan memorabilia and more.

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Take a tour of Abbey Road Studios - Thursday, September 19, 2013

On a recent trip to London, I got a chance to tour storied speaker company B&W's factory. They asked if I'd also like to tour Abbey Road Studios. Yes. Yes I would. And I did. It was awesome and I have pictures.

This is the first of three behind-the-scenes tours I did on my recent UK trip. Also check out storied speaker company B&W's factory, and tomorrow check out electronics and speaker manufacturer Meridian Audio. Abbey Road is probably the most famous recording studio in the world. The artists who've recorded there reads like a who's who of the great acts of the 20th and 21st centuries: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Adele, Queen, Oasis, Radiohead, and many more. The zebra crossing in front was immortalized by Iain Macmillan for the cover of the Beatles album that gave the studio its name.

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The section will honor all the television milestones that took place in 1963. It will include the assassination coverage of President John F. Kennedy on November 22 and the first appearance of The Beatles which was followed by the explosion of Beatlemania.

The band's first US TV appearance took place during Ed Sullivan's primetime program. 1963 also marked the year more people got their news from television than newspapers, the creation of the television remote and network newscasts being extended from 15 minutes to 30. Underwood will sing the music that defined the era and Don Cheadle will host the section

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Sir Paul McCartney has tossed up the possibility of headlining one last concert at Candlestick Park - where the Beatles played their final gig for a paying crowd in 1966 - before the stadium's date with the wrecking ball.

No one was more stunned than Mayor Ed Lee when McCartney floated the idea as he was about to take the stage at his recent Outside Lands festival appearance. "And it was him who made the suggestion," Lee said. "Believe me, it wasn't something I, or anyone else, was expecting." It all began when Lee - with about a half hour to kill - decided to check out how things were going at the festival in Golden Gate Park the evening of Aug. 10.

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As organizers prepare to host the 2nd Annual John Lennon Double Fantasy Bermuda Tribute Concert this weekend, the Island is set to receive a special visit from BBC Radio 4 who will be dedicating a radio programme. ‘Imagine John Lennon’s Bermuda Adventure’ to the ex-Beatle and musical icon.

Months before John Lennon’s life tragically ended, he spent the summer of 1980 living and working in Bermuda. BBC Radio 4 host, John McCarthy and producer, John Sugar will revisit the places on the Island that inspired Lennon to compose 30 songs on his comeback recording in 1980, ‘Double Fantasy’ and his final album, ‘Milk & Honey’ in 1984. A place that had a profound effect on Lennon was the Botanical Gardens, which he visited several times. While exploring the gardens, the former Beatle came across a species of freesia called ‘Double Fantasy.’ The id details

The production crew of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is planning to shut down part of Hollywood Boulevard for two nights next week, but before you get too up in arms about the traffic inconvenience, know that they have a really good reason to do it.

How do free concerts by Justin Timberlake and Paul McCartney sound? Kimmel's show will close down a quarter-mile stretch of Hollywood Boulevard from Highland Avenue to Sycamore Avenue outside the studio where the late night show is taped on Monday, Sept. 23, and Tuesday, Sept. 24. But the closure isn't part of some private Hollywood shindig (that'll be the  Oscars early next year). Instead, the street closure is in anticipation of the crowds who plan to show up for the free concerts put on by two of the biggest names in music.

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