Paul McCartney Responds to Quincy Jones Diss: 'He's Totally Out of His Tree'

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In August, music legend Quincy Jones spent a portion of his wide-ranging interview with New York magazine’s Vulture bad-mouthing Sir Paul McCartney and the Beatles. In the interview, Jones called the Beatles “no-playing motherf—-rs” who were “the worst musicians in the world,” and seemingly reserved special ire for McCartney himself, calling him “the worst bass player I ever heard.”

Now, in an interview of his own with GQ, McCartney laughed off the comments, saying that Jones is “totally out of his tree.”

He then went on to say that Jones called him personally afterwards to both clear the air and deny ever saying the words.

In the interview, McCartney recounted the night Jones called him and said,““I didn’t really say that thing—I don’t know what happened, man. I never said that. You know I love you guys!’ I said, ‘If you had said that, you know what I would have said?

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