The Beatles Debut “All You Need Is Love” During 'Our World' Television Special, On This Day In ...

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The 1960s were just starting to heat up by the time June 1967 rolled around, and The Beatles, like many artists of that generation, were heavily influenced by the drastic social changes taking over the Western world throughout the decade up to that point. It was on June 25th, 1967 when The Beatles—who will forever be remembered for their prominent role within pop culture as one of the key inspirations during a decade that spawned the counterculture, the civil right’s movement, and the anti-Vietnam War movement—premiered their timeless peace anthem, “All You Need Is Love” during an appearance on the Our World television special before a reported worldwide audience of 400 million people.

As the story goes, the quartet, already household names by 1967, was asked to provide a song with a universal message, as the TV special was being broadcast around the world via satellite. The band had already been working on new music to appear on the soundtrack to 1968’s Yellow Submarine, and what better time than during global broadcast to debut some new music?

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