3 Songs That Pay Homage to the Beatles

Monday, April 15, 2024

The Beatles’s influence ranges far and wide. Almost every artist today can trace their musicality back to the foursome in one way or another. While that credit isn’t always given, there are a few artists that have made it a point to pay homage to the Fab Four. Find three such artists and their Beatles-centric songs, below.

1. “Edge of Seventeen” (Stevie Nicks)

Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” has transcended its original meaning. While Nicks wrote this track as an ode to John Lennon (and her uncle who’s name was also John), it now stands as Nicks’ thesis statement of sorts. It has a certain magic that only Nicks is able to deliver. Nevertheless, Nicks’ original intent was to pay homage to the former Beatles member. Because of that, it earns a worthy spot on this list.

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