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The Beatles Story

Located in the Fab Four's hometown of Liverpool, the award-winning Beatles Story is an unforgettable journey into the lives, times and music of the Beatles.

Museum Highlights: 

The Beatles Story

Fab 4D

John Lennon Monument

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The Beatles Museum:

This is a concept site for the proposed Beatles Museum to be opened in London. The museum is still in the concept stage and therefore is not currently open.

Museum Highlights:





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Bisart Centre:

Located in France an old camping was renovated for 8 months.The museum was then opened to exhibit The Beatles and Bande Desinée (comics)

Museum Highlights:

Picture yourself at a gig by the river!

Visit South West France’s Beatles Museum at Le Coux et Bigaroque on the lush and lazy River Dordogne--- At the beating heart of the shimmering Perigord Noir.


If there ever was a land of mystic mushrooms and magic truffles then this is it!     Cellophane sunflowers, fairy tale castles, tangerine trees and marmalade skies –we’ve got it all.


Opened in May 2012, the Beatles Museum and Bisart Centre is curated by Jan-Bernard and Nicolet Weenink:

The Museum features a collection of hundreds of genuine brilliantly displayed Beatles artefacts and memorabilia, along with a truly eclectic collection of Band-Dessinée -- The Pop Art books which are the very stuff of francophone Cartoon Culture.  

Tin Tin, Asterix and The Smurfs rub shoulders with The Fab Four.

“Superman or Green Lantern ain't got a-nothin' on these guys!”


To keep you cool on site there’s a well-stocked Restaurant/Brasserie and bar, as well as workshops selling craftwork from around the world.


The Bisart Centre and Beatles Museum is a major rehearsal and performance venue for local musicians who regularly put on musical soirées and impromptu week-ends.  If you’d like to chill with Soukous and Shona from Zimbabwe or just shake it up with some good ol’ rock and roll from Rock Ferry -- chances are you will find it right here!


And if you’d like to “lime” or maybe just crave a curry there are Indian themed evenings with fantastic, frantic music, fabulous flavorous food and eye-popping Asian dance spectaculars.


Beatles and Bisart! Always a popular drop-in for local musicians: And you too can pick up sticks, join-in, sit-in or just listen-in to the jamming and the banging as the sun sets over the tangerine trees and marmalade skies.


For details or follow us on Facebook at Bisart  Dordogne


You may even get to chat to people who once worked in the famous Abbey Road...

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Besame Mucho:

Beatles museum with record-breaking 8,500 pieces of memorabilia opens… in Buenos Aires

Museum Highlights: 

a brick from The Cavern Club

a check for £11 signed by Ringo Starr

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JPDR Beatles Museum:

Located in Spain JPGR is a museum for the memory always from the hand of The Beatles. Enjoy yourself at JPGR Beatles Museum. Rediscover the true glamour and enjoy of the experience. Simply a treasure. JPGR is Beatles's jewel.

Museum Highlights:





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Kauai Country Inn:

The Beatles Museum is located in Kauai Hawaii. An exclusive attraction to guests of the Kauai
Country Inn, we feature the only private Beatles Museum in the United States. Included in the
collection of Beatles memorabilia from all over the world.

Museum Highlights:

Mini Cooper S Car

Original paperwork signed by Brian Epstein

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Beatles Museum:

If you are visiting Alkmaar and happen to be a real Beatles fan, you shouldn’t miss out on the Beatles Museum. The museum is a private project and houses the combined work of two die-hard Beatles fans.
If you consider that John Lennon’s first guitar was actually made in Alkmaar, it is an excellent location
for the museum.

Museum Highlights:

Musical heritage of George Harrison and John Lennon

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The Beatles:

The Beatles in Montréal is an exhibition on the Montréal stopover of this legendary British group that revolutionized pop music around the world, and that also had a profound influence on musical trends that took root right here in Montréal and throughout Québec. Designed as an exhibition-experience, The Beatles in Montréal uses this musical event as a starting point for an examination of Montréal history and the emergence of “yéyé” music in 1960s Québec.

Museum Highlights:

Recordings of the Fab 4

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The John Lennon Museum

Living in Japan is often a magical mystery tour. Many things are counter-intuitive: the most popular attraction in a nation with 17 World Heritage Sites is Tokyo Disney Land; and theHakone Open-Air Museum has more than 300 items by Picasso. So, in this vein, it was perfectly reasonable that the only (official) John Lennon museum in the world was located in Omiya, about 40 minutes from either Shinjuku or Tokyo stations.

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