Beyond The Lyrics: 15 Astonishing Beatles Conspiracy Stories

Monday, September 25, 2023

In 1963, Beatlemania began in the United Kingdom, soon spreading across the globe, especially in North America. Since the Beatles first came to the world stage, no band has ever repeated their dominance or captured the time so well. However, many Beatles conspiracy theories have grown in the 60 years since that era. A recent online post delves into fans' ideas on deeper truths. Here are some suspicious takeaways.

1. “Two of Us” Was About John

The first thread concerns the song “Two of Us,” which appears on the Let it Be movie soundtrack and album of the same name. “Paul just insists this is about him and Linda, but the lyrics are about him and John,” says one observer. “I think Macca was getting nostalgic as the band started to crumble into dust.”

Source: Ben Rice/


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