Beatles A Day in the Life Blog posts of '1963' 'January'

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Thursday, January 31, 1963

Beatles at the Cavern Club again in Liverpool for lunch. Then at night in the Majestic Ballroom, in Birkenhead where the Beatles gave two entirely separate "house" performances at 8:00 and 11:00. At this time, this was unheard for a ballroom.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Wednesday, January 30, 1963

The only thing the Beatles did today was spend some time at the Cavern Club in Liverpool at the lunchtime hour.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Tuesday, January 29, 1963

Today the Beatles took a day off.......

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Monday, January 28, 1963

The Beatles today at the Majestic Ballroom on Westgate Rd. in Northumberland.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Sunday, January 27, 1963

A return visit to the Three Coins Club on Fountain St. in Manchester, Lancashire.

The club was part owned by radio disc jockey Jimmy Savile (first played by the Beatles soon after it opened in late 1961)

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Saturday, January 26, 1963

The Beatles appeared at the El Rio Club on Queen Victoria St, Macclesfield, Chesshire and King's Hall, on Glebe St. Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. Twenty-one miles separated this double booking. At the El Rio Club, the Beatles were supported by locals, Wayne Fontana and the Jets, Fontana later finding fame with the Mindbenders.

Backstage at Stoke, Paul and John began writing "Misery", a song they intended donating to Helen Shapiro, whom the Beatles would meet a week later. On stage, they performed a song for the first and only time, a cover of "Walk right in", just breaking in Britain as a hit for the U.S. act the Rooftop singers, already a number one in their homeland.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Friday, January 25, 1963

A dance promoted by the local Baptist Church youth club was at the Co-operative Hall, Market St. Lancashire

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Thursday, January 24, 1963

Before setting off to North Wales for an engagement in Assembly Hall, on High St. Mold, Flintshire, the Beatles made a personal appearance at NEMS' central Liverpool record store, signing copies of their "Please Please Me" single and giving a brief acoustic performance from the foot of the staircase leading from the ground floor to the first floor (classical records, television, radio and recording equipment).

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Wednesday, January 23, 1963

The Beatles drove north to Liverpool Wednesday morning and arrived just in time for the night-time Cavern Club engagement. The journey was quite eventful. Their van's windscreen had shattered into bits, in the freezing cold. The Assistant road manager at the time, Mal Evans - Neil Aspinall had remained in Liverpool. Not feeling well, he had no choice but to drive on without a screen while the Beatles conserved and remained warm by laying on top of one another in the back.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Tuesday, January 22, 1963

BBC Paris Studio in London. The Beatles appeared live on one BBC radio program and recorded sessions for two others. Then off to the Paris Studio on Regent Street to accompany the broadcast of their new single, "Please Please Me'. The Beatles chatted live on air. Other guests were Joan Regan, Jon Pertwee (the future Dr. Who) and Shane Fenton (future Alvin Stardust).

Next, the Beatles rehearsed at the Playhouse Theatre near Charing Cross for their first appearance on the pop radio program, "Saturday Club". The Beatles recorded five songs, "Some Other Guy", Love Me Do", Please Please Me", Keep Your Hands Off My Baby", and "Beautiful Dreamer". This program was broadcast on January 26th, on the 2nd half hour of the two-hour show.

The last session took place at the Paris Studio in London, where before an audience, The Beatles recorded another contribution to the Light Program Show "The Talent Spot", for broadcast on January 29th. Among the other guests on the show was a young guitarist Rog Whittaker, destined to become Roger Whittaker.