Did THE BEATLES Legend GEORGE HARRISON Accidentally Rip Off His Biggest Hit?

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Professor Of Rock has released the new video below, along with the following introduction...

"When one of the biggest bands in history, The Beatles, broke up, all the members of the band released solo projects almost immediately. The first of the band to have a number-one hit was a bit of a surprise though... George Harrison. He ended up having one hell of a solo run but his biggest hit, 'My Sweet Lord', would also become his greatest trial. Harrison got sued for sounding too much like another big hit from years before… It was a catastrophic lawsuit that nearly destroyed George and plagued his career for years because it put him in a never-ending bout with writer’s block. And it stopped him from recording for years. But in the end, Harrison would have the last laugh. Rock’s most honest songwriter dealing and allegations of plagiarism... This is a story you have to hear to believe, next on Professor Of Rock."



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