From the Beatles Onward: Paul McCartney's Bands Ranked

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Paul McCartney has put together a marvelous solo career, with most of the output coming from 1980 forward. Before that, he was in a pair of bands, the first of which he joined, the second of which he formed. Those two bands, of course, are the Beatles and Wings. The Beatles were recognized by many as the greatest rock band of their time and beyond, while Wings had to deal with critical pot shots for much of their existence. Macca later went on to try his hand at experimental music with The Fireman, as well. Let’s take a look at these three groups and how they compare.
3. The Fireman

Is it possible there’s a band including Paul McCartney that even some diehard rock fans don’t know? It could be, because The Fireman is technically only a duo: McCartney and Martin Glover, the British musician and producer known by the stage name of Flood. It could also be because McCartney and Flood don’t do a lot of publicizing of their albums, of which there have been three as of this writing (the last was Electric Arguments from 2008).

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