Jimmy Carter Loves 1 John Lennon Song

Sunday, March 31, 2024

President Jimmy Carter was asked to pick his favorite Beatles song, and he chose a song from John Lennon’s solo career. The former president discussed how much the tune in question affected audiences around the globe. John once said some listeners didn’t understand the tune’s message. President Jimmy Carter likes a John Lennon song that’s against nationalism.

During a 2007 interview with The News–Times, Carter was asked to name his favorite Beatles song. The song in question was not actually a Beatles tune, but it fits in with the band’s hippie image. “My favorite is ‘Imagine,'” he said. “When I go to a strange country, Cuba and other places, in some of those nations, ‘Imagine’ has become a national anthem. If you go to Havana, for instance, you’ll see a statue of John Lennon.” Carter was referring to Lennon Park in Cuba.



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