John Lennon Couldn't Stand the 'Pretentiousness' of This Beatles Album

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

John Lennon quit The Beatles in 1969. That year, the band recorded an album that Lennon did not particularly like.

After The Beatles broke up, John Lennon frequently spoke critically about the work he made with the band. He said he didn’t consider himself a fan of The Beatles and complained about his bandmates. He had harbored negative feelings about the band while they were still together. According to longtime Beatles producer George Martin, Lennon was visibly fed up while recording one of the band’s final albums.

While Let It Be was the last album The Beatles released, they recorded it before Abbey Road. They recorded it in 1969, the same year Lennon announced he was leaving the band. According to Martin, Lennon’s fatigue with the group came through while recording Abbey Road.

“John got disenchanted with record production. He didn’t really approve of what I’d done or was doing,” Martin said in The Beatles Anthology. “He didn’t like ‘messing about’, as he called it, and he didn’t like the pretentiousness, if you like. I could see his point. He wanted good, old-fashioned, plain solid rock: ‘The hell with it — let’s blast the living daylights out!’ Or, if it was a soft ballad: ‘Let’ do it just the way it comes.’ He wanted authenticity.”

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