Julian Lennon explains his “love-hate” relationship with The Beatles' 'Hey Jude'

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Julian Lennon has opened up about his “love-hate” relationship with The Beatles‘ classic track ‘Hey Jude’.

The musician and son of late Beatles icon John Lennon talked about the song – which remains one of the Fab Four’s biggest hits – during a recent appearance on the Club Random With Bill Maher podcast.

“I have a love-hate [relationship] with it, I have to say,” Julian explained (via Loudwire).

“I’ve probably heard that song and heard renditions of [it] more than most people alive. And even my dear friends send me babies in nappies playing guitars [and] singing ‘Hey Jude’, which I really don’t need.”

He continued: “I’m thankful for the song without question. But … the other real thing is that people don’t really understand that [the track is] a stark and dark reminder of actually what happened.

“The fact that dad walked out, walked away – left mum and I. That was a point of complete change and complete disruption and complete darkness and sadness. I mean, I was only 3, but I recognised that something was up, you know?”

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