'Let It Be' Definitively Proves Yoko Ono Did Not Break Up The Beatles

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

When Peter Jackson’s documentary series The Beatles: Get Back premiered on Disney+ in 2021, fans finally had definitive proof that—despite that prevailing narrative that followed the release of the 1970 documentary Let It Be—Yoko Ono did not split up the Beatles. After all, among the eight hours of footage of the Beatles recording their second-to-last album, there was a candid interview with Paul McCartney where he said it was fine with him, actually, that John Lennon’s girlfriend was hanging around the studio. He thought it was sweet.

But now the original Let It Be documentary is streaming on Disney+, and, for the first time since a low-quality VHS release in the ’80s, fans are able to watch a restored version of the documentary fans saw in theaters in 1970. And guess what? There’s absolutely no evidence that Yoko Ono had a single thing to do with the Beatles break-up in this movie, either! Instead, there is ample evidence that the blame lies entirely on McCartney and George Harrison.

Source: Anna Menta/


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