Liverpool & London August 2011

We will be guiding a Tour to London and Liverpool this summer during Beatle Week Aug-24th Depart Total Price DBL $4950 for 'Two of Us Package' Deposit of $250.00 per package and is required to reserve your place. **Contact us for Single Price**
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We are sure you have questions email us here read more here and listen to Beatles Radio for updates.

Beatles in conjunction with THE BEATLES PILGRIMAGE TOUR are planning a 2011 trip to The UK , Tony and yours truly Doctor Robert will be your personal guides as we take you.

To the ultimate Beatles Four Starr experience in Liverpool and London, 5 Fab nights at the hard days night hotel and 5 nights at the park plaza London… an small, intimate group tour with superior accommodations & world class BeatleGuides.Beatles Radio History Tours to Great Britain

The TOUR departs U.S. on August 24 for early check in to the Hard Days Night Hotel on August 25, 2011.

It’s Beatle Week and the Mathew Street festival in Liverpool. in addition to the music and attractions these events offer, the tour includes in liverpool, a full day tour with our genuine Liverpudlian BeatleGuide Jackie, the Beatle Ale Trail to the favorite pubs of the boys, inside tours of John & Paul’s childhood homes, the world famous Beatles Story Experience as well as an inside visit to the Casbah Coffee Club.

In London, your Beatles experience continues with a full day tour of the Beatles’ London, a full day tour of ‘Rock N Roll London’ to visit sights of the legends of rock including Clapton, Page, The Stones, The Who, Bowie, Queen and much more, Included is a Rock N Roll dinner party at London’s Hard Rock Cafe – the original that started it all.


August 24th 2011

5 days LiverpooFrom the Celler to the Rooftop


Liverpool and London The Beatles' Liverpool Day Tour delivered by Jackie
Our full day tour of The Beatles' Liverpool is the most comprehensive tour of its kind. The time spent on the coach is limited to transportation. We will not do a 'drive by' of a significant Beatle sight unless we come across a physical or legal restriction. Our team of Beatle experts have put together a day of true historic and memorable Beatle sights in the city. Each sight has a story to tell that will fascinate even the most knowledgeable fans. We have a great mix of some of the better known sights with those that are little known but weigh heavily in Beatles history. The tour was developed by our staff & our genuine Liverpudlian tour guide, Jackie. You will hear first hand accounts of The Beatles' lives as told by locals that where there when it happened.

The day includes a visit to The Casbah Coffee Club with an exclusive tour of the club delivered by either Roag or Rory Best. You will hear a story of The Beatles' 'true beginnings' directly from the source. You are in direct contact with the people that can give you an eye witness account of the real Beatles story. The tales will amaze you. On display for your viewing pleasure are many of the genuine Beatle artifacts that the [Pete] Best family has preserved over the years. As you can see in a few of our tour photos, Pete Best has been know to stop by and meet the fans on The Beatle Pilgrimage Tour

We'll stop by St. Peter's Parish Hall and meet Dave - he was there when John & Paul met for the first time. We'll see Beatle birthplaces, schools and childhood homes. There's also a roundabout with a banker, barber & shelter and you will be taken down to a place where nothing is real. Dave will show you a picture drawn by John when he was just a toddler... it doesn't get much better than that.

Included in the day is a time to remember friends like Stu & Brian with a respectful visit to their final resting place.

Beatle Ale Trail [group tours only - self-guided for private tours].
Our exclusive trail to the pubs frequented by The Beatles' during their early Liverpool days. The locals are on hand are and a very willing to share their personal stories about The Beatles.

'mic' night at The Jacaranda [subject to tour schedule]
The Jacaranda is a small Liverpool club that played a big part in the early development of The Beatles in Liverpool. Basically it is as it was in the early 60s, the club's most treasured Beatles artifact is a mural that is hanging in the catacomb cellar and was painted by Stu Sutcliffe. Legend as has it, that Lennon himself has left a piece of artwork on the wall. The evening is capped with 'mic night at The Jac' where you have the opportunity to get up on stage at an authentic Beatles' venue and have your 15 minutes of Beatles fame.

Fish N Chip at The Grapes [private tours only]
After your Liverpool Day Tour, enjoy a meal at the famous Grapes pub. You can feel the aura of the Beatle around you. If you are lucky, you might get verbally abused by former Beatles' manager Alan Williams. This is what we call 'The Liverpool Blessing'.

The Beatle Story Experience

One of the most popular Beatles attractions in Liverpool. Witness the history of The Beatles as you casual walk through exhibits replicating such famous locations as Hamburg, The Casbah Coffee Club, The Cavern, Bill Harry's MerseyBeat Office, a yellow submarine and so much more. An unforgettable experience. In 2008, the exhibit was doubled in size.

Inside tour on Menlove Ave. & Forthlin Rd.

The tour of John & Paul's childhood homes is one of the most exciting and emotional events on the tour. This 3 hour excursion to Menlove Ave. & Forthlin Rd. is as thrilling as it gets. The attendant at each resident will invite you in and provide you with a set of earphones for a professionally prepared historical presentation of the homes.

Buffet Lunch or Tea & Cakes at St. Peter's Church (group tour only - for private tours, inside visit only)
The church verger has always welcomed the guests of The Beatles Pilgrimage Tour. The church puts together either a buffet lunch or provides traditional Tea & Cakes [depending on tour schedule & size). The verger is always pulling something out of the church closet that makes for a nice [and authentic] souvenir.

Albert Dock
Your guide will escort you to the former Victorian Dock & Textile Warehouses that have been transformed into [great Beatle souvenirs] shops, Maritime Museum, Tate Museum, Cafes and, of course, the Mersey River. Enjoy a few hours at this lovely location and get the best view of Liverpool's symbol - The Liver Building

Ferry Ride 'cross The Mersey.
Once you take a ferry ride across The Mersey, you will have a renewed appreciation for the hit song by Gerry & The Pacemakers. It is a one hour round trip that is is truly a wonderful Liverpool experience. The view of the Liverpool docks & The Liver Building is breathtaking.

On the last Monday of each August, the City of Liverpool is closed to traffic for one of the city's biggest festivals of the year. For those that don't know this, Mathew St. is the location of The Cavern and other Beatle historical sights. The festival centers around music with Beatle tribute bands on just about every street corner. There are also great local acts that just might become the next Beatles.

International Beatle Week
Only during August Group Tour

Prior to the Mathew Street Festival, beginning on the Friday night and continuing thr Sunday evening the main events of International Beatle Week occur. There are special events, auctions, art, collectibles and everything else about The Beatles. The event is centered around The Beatle Convention at the Adelphi Hotel [not included - $20. per person/per day]. The conventions runs Beatle videos, interviews, tribute bands and vendor's selling their Beatle wares. Each guest will receive information & concert schedule in advance to select the Beatle Week attractions they wish to attend. There is something for all fans to enjoy.


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