Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr May Have Another Collaboration In The Works

Monday, April 08, 2024

Only two members of The Beatles remain, as both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are not only still around, but they continue to write and record music and even tour. According to an exciting new announcement made by one of their children, the two musicians may have a new collaboration in the works–or at least, they’re slated to appear on the same project as one another.

Zak Starkey, Starr’s son and a drummer, took to Instagram to reveal he has a new charity musical effort in process. He shared some of the details about a forthcoming project, including confirming–or so it seems–that both his father and McCartney are involved.

Starkey revealed that he has recorded a cover of “Children of the Revolution” by the rock band T. Rex, and this is an all-star affair. The reworking reportedly features vocals by Axl Rose, Duff McKagan recorded the bass, and his own father played the drums. The forthcoming cover of “Children of the Revolution” was then sent to Elton John, who added piano to the tune. Slash recorded the guitar on the song.

Instagramtherealzakstarkey on Instagram: "Around 3pm On the day of the who and gnr show at rock in Rio - duff and I went in a local studio and cut bass for a cover of t.rex children of the revolution -original by trex is playing on the post . My dad played drums in LA (while I fudged the bass) then in Rio duff cut bsss . A couple of weeks after the tour we cut guitars in NYC with slash - sent the track with sshh guide vocal to Elton who played amazing piano. Sshh went to hang with Axl who said he'd like to sing it -wow!-Axl killed it - amazing vocals - he's mixing thee track now I believe (hope) and we will auction the record for teen cancer without greedy bean counting majors wanting 75% (I won't say which label but fuck me this is for sick kids) Produced by me n sshh it's a full album with more than one Beatle a smith a pretender, an Ashcroft , an iggy and many more .... Soon come"

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