Paul McCartney Met With The Beatles' Biggest Hater After His Bandmates Refused

Monday, February 05, 2024

The Beatles refused to meet with someone who publicly insulted them. After a bit of pressure, though, Paul McCartney met with their critic.

In 1965, Paul McCartney was the only member of The Beatles to meet with esteemed playwright and composer Noel Coward. At this point, the band had grown used to politely greeting complete strangers, even when they were tired or irritable. They refused to meet with Coward, though. Here’s why McCartney was the only one to speak to Coward.

The Beatles were the biggest band in the world by the mid-1960s, but even they had their detractors. One of their critics was Coward, who described them as “totally devoid of talent. There is a great deal of noise. In my day, the young were taught to be seen but not heard” (per the Daily Mail).

Coward’s friend was a journalist for the Daily Mail and published his remarks. One year later, Coward saw The Beatles perform in Rome and described the concert as “just one long ear-splitting din.” Still, he felt he should congratulate the band after the concert. He met them at their hotel, where their manager, Brian Epstein, informed him that the band didn’t want to speak to him. They’d read his comments about them.

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