Paul McCartney recalls finding 'better deal' for The Beatles

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Paul McCartney recalls finding ‘better deal’ for The Beatles

Paul McCartney has taken a trip down the memory lane when he was a member of The Beatles.

In All You Need Is Love: The Beatles in Their Own Words by Steven Gaines and Peter Brown, Paul recalled looking for big deals for his band, unlike Allen Klein Epstein, who was managing The Beatles at that time.

He explained, “That was one of the times that my ambitions sort of got the better of me. I was only trying to get us a better deal. But it ruined it a little bit there, I mean I’m sure not greatly, but he didn’t like me too much after that for a week or two, you know, (expletive).”

Paul added, “After all I’ve done for him, asking for twopence more, and implying I’m not as good as Klein, so you know, it was like you can have them.’”

Later on, Paul reflected on his relationship with Allen during a conversation with The Beatles manager, Brian Epstein.

He noted, “With Brian, I remember talking about [Allen] Klein — being in a lift in Hilly House, and saying, ‘We just heard that The Rolling Stones were getting sixpence royalty per record’ or something like that, and we knew that we got four.”



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