Paul McCartney Shoots Video Asking School Kids to Try Eating Less Meat

Tuesday, July 03, 2012



Paul McCartney has recorded a video message promoting the Meat Free Monday campaign he’s long supported that’s intended to convince schoolchildren to decrease how much meat they eat.  The eight-plus-minute clip premiered on Saturday at The Sunday Times Festival of Education in Crowthorne, England, and shows the rock legend and longtime vegetarian talking in-depth about the positive environmental and health effects of reducing the world’s meat consumption.

In the video, the former Beatle calls Meat Free Monday, which simply asks people to refrain from eating meat at least one day a week, “an accessible idea that it isn’t that difficult to do.”  He also points out that a United Nations study has shown that the meat industry is responsible creating an elevation in gases that, in turn, causes a destructive increase in global temperature.

“We’re all aware about climate change and that something has to be done about it,” he notes. “Certainly…kids know about it, because it’s their world that they’re going to inherit.  I don’t think they like the idea that we the grown-ups are going to mess it up.”

McCartney goes on to explain that people interested in participating in the initiative can go to or buy the Meat Free Monday Cookbook to check out a variety of vegetarian recipes that can make giving up meat easier.

The rock star also shares that he initially became a vegetarian out of a sense of compassion for animals, and he suggests, “Try not eating meat [just one day during the week,] because it will cut down on the billions and billions of animals that are slaughtered for our consumption.”

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