Ranking the 5 Best Songs on George Harrison’s ’80s Comeback Album ‘Cloud Nine’

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

George Harrison decided to throw his hat back in the ring with Cloud Nine in 1987. After years of steering clear of the fame game, he enlisted Jeff Lynne to help him out in his quest to his return to the pop/rock limelight.

Mission accomplished, thanks to rejuvenated songwriting and sparkling guitar work. Let’s look back at the five songs that reign supreme on Cloud Nine, one of the ‘80s most successful comeback records.

5. “This Is Love”

Let’s face it: You can’t really have a Beatles solo album if there’s not at least one ode to love on it. Harrison keeps this from getting too wishy-washy thanks to an insistent beat and urgent melody that dips into moody minor keys in the chorus. Lynne’s touch with arranging backing vocals is all over the album, and it’s especially effective on this track. “This Is Love” was a minor hit when released as a single in the UK towards the end of the album cycle, and it’s aged pretty well thanks to a message of positivity that never really gets dated.

4. “Devil’s Radio”

For the most part, Cloud Nine is a pretty easy-going album. It kind of sails along on the same good-natured vibes that would also characterize what Harrison and Lynne provided with the Traveling Wilburys. But Harrison’s songwriting bite shows up on this track, and it’s welcome. Sounding off on gossip doesn’t sound like going out on too much of a limb. But considering Harrison was on the receiving end of a lot of baseless rumors due to his reluctance to bask in the spotlight, it’s understandable. You can hear relish in his voice as he tosses off the one-liners here.

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