Rare Beatles' butcher comes knocking......

Saturday, June 15, 2024

 Local store’s namesake has links to controversial Beatles album cover. Beatle butchers pasted over after tidal wave of complaints sends Capital Records scrambling in 1966.

“They got so many complaints, Capital recalled the (750,000) albums and pasted a new slick to the front cover,” Thomas said. The new cover features John, Paul, Gorge and Ringo around a steamer trunk.


But a few butchers were purchased before the switch, making them highly collectible and valuable. So, when Thomas had five come through his door a year ago, he bought 'em all. “The cover was just too much for 1966,” Thomas said, noting people read too much into it as being some sort of statement from the Fab Four.

“It was the photographer's idea, and The Beatles just went with it,” he said. A 1970s Rolling Stone article was published about the rare cover, and prices shot through the roof. It went to $300 or $400 for the album, Thomas said. That’s around $2,500 in today's money.

Not bad for a B-sides compilation record. However, a Beatles B-side included Drive My Car, Yesterday, and We Can Work It Out. “I was 35 the first time I ever got one in my hands,” he said.

And now he’s got several.

Mark Thomas at home at Yesterday & Today new and used music in downtown The Dalles.

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