Ringo Starr Has an Issue With The Beatles' 'Rain'

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Even though it's received reverent reviews, Ringo Starr has issues with The Beatles' "Rain." "Rain" was a hit in the United States, but it didn't chart in the United Kingdom.Even though it’s received reverent reviews from music critics, Ringo Starr criticized The Beatles’ “Rain.” He compared it to other songs that feature his drumming. While “Rain” was a hit in the United States, it didn’t even chart in the United Kingdom.

During a 2015 interview with Goldmine, Ringo discussed his drumming on “Rain.” “It’s not my best playing; it’s just different,” he said. “I played ‘Rain’ and I’ve never played like it since or before it. It’s very busy for me.”

“I always tend to take the fill half-time whereas with that song it was full-on [smacks his hands] fast!” he added. “If anyone asks me about my strangest drumming, it’s ‘Rain.’ I don’t think it’s the best I ever played and I don’t think it’s the most inventive I’ve ever played but it’s certainly different than 99% of everything else I’ve played.”

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