Sam Mendes' Beatles Movies: What We Know So Far

Monday, April 01, 2024

To say The Beatles are one of the most famous musical bands in history would be an understatement. With songs like “Hello, Goodbye,” “Hey, Jude,” “Come Together” and “All You Need is Love,” Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison became the best-selling musical act of all time and rank as some of the 20th century’s most prominent individuals. So naturally more than 50 years after The Beatles’ dissolution, there are still plenty of people interested in them, with proof of that including the release of the three-part documentary The Beatles: Get Back to Disney+ subscribers in 2023.

But now The Beatles are about to be spotlighted on screen in a way that’s never been done before, as it’s been announced that director Sam Mendes is spearheading multiple movies centered on the band. It’s reminiscent of how Kevin Costner is dedicating four movies to the story he’s telling in Horizon: An American Saga, but what exactly can we expect from these Beatles movies? That’s what we’re here to talk about. What Is The Release Date?

Although none of these Beatles movies have specific release dates yet, per Deadline, which broke the news about these flicks, shared they will have “full theatrical windows in 2027.” That indicates that rather than Sony Pictures, the studio distributing these movies, releasing them all at once or week after week, there will be several months between each release, allowing moviegoers enough time to process the cinematic story they watched before moving on to the next one. According to THR, production is expected to begin in the United Kingdom in mid-2025.

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