Sir Paul McCartney 'addicted to playing arcade shoot-'em-ups before recording hits'

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Sir Paul McCartney is said to have been addicted to playing classic arcade shoot-’em-up games before he recorded his hits.

The 81-year-old Beatles icon’s love of being a joystick warrior ahead of studio sessions has been revealed by Echo and the Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant.

Paul’s fellow Liverpudlian Will, 65, said in his new book ‘Echoes: A Memoir Continued’ about meeting Sir Paul at London’s Air Studios: “While we’re hanging around in the games room, Paul McCartney pops in and says, ‘So you are the Bunnymen from Liverpool, are ya? Nice to meet you.

“We look on with broad smiles. ‘My God, Paul knows our name and seems to know who we are.’”

Will added: “He sticks around for a brew ands I play a video game with him. It’s either ‘Asteroids’ or ‘Tank Commander’, one of the latest video game crazes.

“Paul was a lovely fellow, still down to earth and quite prepared to be friendly to us young upstarts.”

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