The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 30, 1964 (Thursday)

Roman Camp Hotel, Callander, Perthshire and Theatre Royal, Glasgow and Odeon Cinema, Glasgow

Early in the afternoon the Beatles were visited at their hotel in Callander, Perthshire, by a BBC Scotland camera crew, shooting - 2 min 38 secs interview with reporter Evelyn Elliot for screening this evening in the local BBC1 news-magazine programme Six Ten.

Then, during the late-afternoon, before the first of their two evening "houses" at the nearby Glasgow Odeon, the Beatles made a return visit to the Theatre Royal studios of Scottish Television to tape a contribution to Roundup, transmitted by STV on Tuesday, May 5th (5:00-5:55 pm). Though they did not perform, the Beatles participated in the show's "Personality Parade" section by giving lengthy interviews with the programme's two regular hosts: first John and Paul chatted to Morag Hood and then George and Ringo spoke to Paul Young. The four Beatles and two interviewers then came together to discuss group topics and generally act the fool, George at one point humourously attempting to strangle John.

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