The Beatles - A Day in The Life: August 28, 1967

Beatles Mourn Death Of Manager in London

The Beatles today mourned the death of their manager, Brian Epstein, but took solace from a mystic. Epstein, a school dropout who took the Mersey beat out of Liverpool cellars, turned it into a musical revolution and made millions along the way, was ' found dead Sunday in his , London apartment. He was 32. The long-haired quartet which 1 he molded into a household ‘ name throughout the world was 1 in Wales on a retreat with the Indian mystic Maharishi Mahesh Yogi when informed of Epstein’s death. They said their mediatation with the mystic made it easier to face Epstein’s death. AH four Beatles returned to London in hired cars within 12 hours after hearing the news. “Brian was one of us-one of the boys, you might say,’’ . said Beatle George Harrison “The news has been a sad blow to us.” Beatle John Lennon said the instruction he and the other Beatles had received from the mystic “has helped me to overcome my grief more easHy than I could have before.” Epstein was found dead in the bedroom of liis London home. His Spanish butler entered the room Sunday afternoon when he could get no response from knocking at the door and found him dead in bed. “Mr. Epstein was alone in the house last night. He appeared to be quite well,” the butler said. “A terrible and stupid accident,” said Don Black, a business associate, said after viewing the body. He would not elaborate. One of the two Scotland Yard officers summoned to the house, Commander J. Lawler, said it was “a sudden death. There will probably be a post mortem examination, but this is a matter for the coroner.” Epstein found the beatles in 1962 singing in Liverpool’s Cavern Club. They w'ere making $10.30 a night. He nurtured their image and kept them away from barbers and at the time of his death they and he were multi-millionaires. He was looked on as “the fifth Beatle” by those close to the group. Epstein always defended the Beatles in their increasingly frequent controversies. When the Beatles made news over admitting taking LSD and smoking marijuana, Epstein told an interviewer he had also been “turned on,”

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