The Beatles - A Day in The Life: February 22, 1965 (Monday)

The Beatles flew into the Bahamas to shoot their next film, Help! A Hard Day's Night had been shot in black and white, under dull skies and in drab London-area locations like Gatwick, Notting Hill Gate, Hammersmith and West Ealing. Help! (though it didn't have this title yet) was filmed in color on bright Bahamian beaches, glittering Austrian mountains and, even in the London area, at more affluent locations such as Asprey's and the beautiful country house at Cliveden.

There was another reason why Help! was part-filmed in the Bahamas, however. The Beatles' financial advisor, Dr. Walter Strach, had recently established there a tax shelter for the group. This obliged him to live on the island for a year and let to the suggestion that, to show goodwill, the Beatles should film in this British crown colony. So the Beatles set up residence in a house at the luxurious Balmoral Club, near Cable Beach. All of the shooting took place on the 21 mile long island of New Providence, amid great numbers of sightseers.

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