The Beatles - A Day in The Life: July 25, 1964 (Saturday)

Studio Four, Television Centre, London

Just as John had done on June 22, 1963, so now George and Ringo appeared individually as members of the panel on Juke Box Jury, the record-review programme transmitted by BBC1 early each Saturday evening.

Sharing the panel with George was actress/model Alexandra Bastedo, comic actor Reg Varney and singer Carole Ann Ford, and together they reviewed "I Should Have Known Better" by the Naturals (a cover of the Beatle's song), "What Am I To You" by Kenny Lynch, "Soulful Dress" by Sugar Pie De Santo, "How Can I Tell her" by the Fourmost, "Heart", by David Nelson, "Spanish Harlem" by Sounds Incorporated, "All Grown Up" by the Crystals, "She's Not There" by the Zombies and "Aint' Love Good, Ain't Love Proud" by Tony Clarke.

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