The Beatles - A Day in The Life: June 18, 1965 (Friday)

A combination of mono and stereo mixes were made today of songs like "I've Just Seen A Face', 'I'm Down', 'It's Only Love', 'Act Naturally', 'Wait', 'Help!', and 'Yesterday'.

A separate afternoon was solely dedicated to the song 'Help!'. The end result was that its mono and stereo mixes appear to have been produced from a different take. But this is not so - both the mono (used for the single and the monaral album) and the stereo (heard on the stereo album) do come from the same take.

Set to appear in Italy for the first time a few days hence, the Beatles consented to record a 15-minute interview with the BBC's Italian language service, part of the Corporation's European Service. After the Italian Service interview, John travelled across London to the BBC's Lime grove studios for rehearsals and a live appearance on the last-ever edition of the television programme Tonight. In an interview with Kenneth Allsop he promoted the publication of A Spaniard In The Works, and also read extracts from two pieces.

Source: The Complete Beatles Chronicle by Mark Lewisohn

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