The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Sunday, February 23, 1964

Studio One, Teddington Studio Centre, Teddington

The Beatles hardly had time to overcome the jet-lag before they were thrust back into homeland activities again. This morning they travelled to the Teddington Studio Centre of ABC Television to tape their 2nd appearance on the variety show Big Night Out. Following rehearsals, the program was shot in front of an audience during the evening - and it wasn't until 10:30 pm that the Beatles were able to leave the premises. The program was transmitted by most of the ITV network the following Saturday, February 29th, although in the London area it was screened the following Tuesday, March 3rd. Other guests on the show were Billy Dainty, Jackie Trent and Lionel Blair.

Viewers saw the Beatles participate in three comedy skits with show hosts Mike and Bernie Winters. One of these took advantage of the group's famous return from the USA, with them filmed sailing in a boat down the adjacent River Thames, alighting at the studio, driving in an open-top car around the studio lot and entering through a door marked "Customs", with the Winters' dressed as customs officers. Naturally, they opted to search the group's luggage, finding each suitcase stuffed with cash.

The Beatles also mimed a music set, playing "All My Loving", "I Wanna Be Your Man", "Till There Was You", "Please Mister Postman", "Money (That's What I Want)" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

Note: News cameras from ITN filmed the Beatle's River Thames jaunt for it's early eveing bulletin (6:05-6:15pm) and George volunteered to provide the commentary, parodying the annual Oxford Vs Cambridge boat race broadcasts by John Snagge.

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