The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 11, 1970

The Beatles' single Let It Be reaches #1 in the US charts and will stay there for two weeks. The song—the Fab Four’s NINETEENTH chart-topper in six years—was written by Paul McCartney, inspired by a dream he had about his mother, Mary. 

Also, on this date, Paul McCartney announces he will not record with John Lennon again.

While the Lennons remain in London, they are still able to take part in a conceptual (and quite possibly imaginary) Fluxus Group arts festival in New York, called “Fluxfest.” The festival is set at the Canal Street, Greenwich Village store of Fluxus member Joe Jones. The first week of the festival is called “Do-It-Yourself by John and Yoko,” and is set to open with a Lennon-Ono Impersonators gathering. Also on display: “Two Eggs by John Lennon.”


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