The Meaning Behind "Take It Away" by Paul McCartney and the Ex-Bandmate for Whom He ...

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Paul McCartney released “Take It Away” as the second single from his Tug of War album in 1982. The song soared into the Top 10, which wasn’t bad at all considering that it was one that McCartney had originally intended to give away to an old Beatle buddy.

 What is “Take It Away” about? For whom did McCartney originally write the song? And why did he end up playing most of the instruments himself instead of with his band Wings? Here’s the skinny on one of Macca’s truly wondrous pop confections.
Sorry, Ringo

Even with all the tumult surrounding the death of John Lennon in December 1980, the surviving Beatles still entered into a flurry of recording activity in and around that time. Ringo Starr planned a new album, and he reached out to both George Harrison and Paul McCartney for songs. As McCartney explained in an interview for Club Sandwich around the time of the album’s release, “Take It Away” was one of the songs he wrote for his buddy:

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