Tragic story of Beatles legend's private island taken over by hippies before disaster saw it

Thursday, February 08, 2024

BEATLES legend John Lennon planned to live out his retirement on an Irish island - until disaster struck.

This is Dorninish, a 19-acre island off the coast of Ireland, that was both John Lennon's dream, and a colony for New Age hippies.

"I hope we're a nice old couple living off the coast of Ireland, looking at our scrapbook of madness," Lennon one said, about his future with Yoko Ono.

Had Lennon not been killed in 1980, the legend would have gone through with his plans to turn Dorinish Island into his retirement retreat, according to his lawyer Michael Browne.

Other sources have said that Lennon was absolutely infatuated with the island, but that he wasn't ready to settle into island living and had wanted to wait until his career had slowed.

So he offered it out, free of charge, to the "King of the Hippies".

This was Sid Rawle, the founder of the Digger Action Movement.

Rawle was a New Ager, with an utopian vision of self sufficiency and communal living. He arrived on Dorninish with little more than his grand plans for raising livestock and growing vegetables.

His army of 30 hippies planned to set up a tribal community, where others could come to try an alternative way of living.

Source: Neha Dhillon/


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