Portraying John Lennon on film is never an easy job

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The news that former La’s bassist John Power will play John Lennon in a musical about the Beatles legend came as something of a surprise to those of us who remember his days fronting cosmic scallies Cast.

Cast were an enjoyable, if never essential, spoke in the Britpop wheel and at the time I fell hard for their brand of dope- fuelled guitar pop. They certainly won over the public too, with every single the band put out a dead cert for the top ten.

Power’s certainly got a head start on most other contenders courtesy of a definite physical likeness and the same nasally vocals. He even went to the same school as Lennon but as I’m sure he’ll find out, portraying any of the Fab Four is not that easy.

If Power’s looking for advice he could do far worse than asking fellow Liverpudlian Ian Hart for some tips. Hart, better known to the younger generation as Quirinus Quirrell in the first Harry Potter film, has played Lennon twice on screen and has recently signed up for a third crack at portraying Liverpool’s favourite son.

To put it simply, Hart is really, really good at playing Lennon. He first played the Beatle in 1991's The Hours And Times, a fictional account of a Spanish holiday John took with Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein in 1963. It’s a rare little gem in the Beatle film catalogue, examining sensitively the alleged homosexual relationship between Lennon and Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

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Source: Liverpool Daily Post

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