80 John Lennon quotes for his 80th birthday

Saturday, October 10, 2020

During his all-too-short lifetime, Lennon reinvented popular music with the Beatles and later as a solo artist. His genius was behind such songs as "Come Together", "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Imagine". At times, he was a controversial figure: Off-handedly saying his band was "More popular than Jesus" in 1966 and protesting war by staging a pair of weeklong Bed-Ins for Peace in 1969 with wife Yoko Ono. He's remembered as one of the most influential figures of pop culture.

In honor of what would have been Lennon's 80th birthday, we've compiled 80 quotes and lyrics attributed to the late rock icon.

Enjoy, and remember.
On the Beatles

"We're not Beatles to each other, you know. It's a joke to us. If we're going out the door of the hotel, we say, 'Right! Beatle John! Beatle George now! Come on, let's go!' We don't put on a false front or anything." — Look, 1966

"Paul (McCartney) and I made a deal when we were 15. There was never a legal deal between us, just a deal we made when we decided to write together that we put both our names on it, no matter what." —​ Playboy, published in 1981

"I said we were more popular than Jesus, which is a fact." —​ Look, 1966



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