Artist carves mini John Lennon into tip of pencil

Friday, April 05, 2013

Lead singer: Artist carves mini John Lennon into tip of pencil

Hedley, 47, chanced upon his new hobby in December 2011 when he sharpened a pencil and noticed the tip looked like a human hand.

He said: “That is how I did my first one, which was the Olympic torch. I just took a pin and started chipping away.”

He added that he is proud of his portrait of the Fab Four, saying: “John Lennon was the hardest.

“There is real glass in his glasses, which had to be ground down, and actual metal for his frames, which was really tricky to put on.

“When people see the sculptures they ask how big they are and when I tell them that it’s on a pencil they just walk off because they think I’m having a laugh or that it’s been Photoshopped.”

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Source: The Sun, UK
Art by Hedley Wiggan 

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