Beatles bums tribute has been fenced off after ground dug up

Saturday, January 07, 2017

A unique piece of art depicting the bums of the famous Beatles foursome has been cordoned off. The copper moulds of the Beatles backsides on the Hoe have had metal railings placed around them, and it looks as if someone has been digging around the modern piece of art.

One reader wrote to The Herald saying: "[I was] walking across the Hoe yesterday [and] I came across the sorry state of the Beatles Bums fenced off and the leg of part of the fence standing in the beaten copper nice to see the £19,000 cost has not been completely wasted." But Plymouth City Council it is "just carrying out some general maintenance work to reinstate the ground where it has worn away.

The copper installment was revealed in November of 2015, and it received mixed reactions form Plymothians. The Fab Beatles tribute band was used to create the moulds. Each member of the band was lowered into a sandpit to create an initial impression before concrete was added. 

The image they are recreating was taken by music photographer David Redfern and shows the Beatles with an all-white Smeaton's Tower in the background. It has become one of the most recognisable pictures of the band.

By:C. Turner

Source: The Herald


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