Builder from Oldham could be £10000 richer after finding Sir Paul McCartney 'Magic Piano ...

Monday, March 16, 2020

A builder could be £10,000 richer after finding papers in a skip that included sketches Sir Paul McCartney commissioned for his psychedelic piano.

Andy Clynes, 54, from Oldham, was overseeing a development at a mill near Manchester when the papers were thrown out with other waste.

He took them out of the skip and stored the papers in a box in his loft for around 20 years until deciding recently to see what they are worth.

An auction house is now selling the highlight of the find, the sketches and designs for the Beatle's so-called "magic" piano.

More of the papers from his find will go under the hammer in a separate sale later this year at Omega Auctions, with the total expected to fetch £10,000.

I picked them out of the skip.

"The case burst open as it was thrown in. It was raining and I just picked up what I could."




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