Cliff Richard boasted John Lennon was wrong about first Beatles number one: 'I was right!'

Monday, February 22, 2021

The 80-year-old’s feud with the Fab Four has been well-documented over the years. Sir Cliff didn’t rate his future “arch-rivals” after first hearing “some old cover” they performed but several years later U-turned on his damning verdict. In one account, Sir Cliff explained the part he played in The Beatles' first number one hit.

Prior to Beatlemania and their undeniable success across the pond, Sir Cliff admitted that he didn’t have much hope for the Liverpool band.

When asked whether he thought that would “be huge”, he replied: “Their name just sounds like something you tread on!”

Despite his cutting remark, Sir Cliff encouraged DJs to play their songs when asked about his favourite UK artist.

However, when The Beatles “broke America” after their 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Sir Cliff was furious.

He admitted to being “jealous” of their success and was upset that he had never experienced that same reception across the pond.

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