Did the Beatles Have Any Issue With the Monkees?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Monkees were inspired by the Beatles and they barely tried to hide it. How else do you explain that the Monkees had a song where they used the phrase “I want to hold your hand?” Given the Monkees took so much inspiration from the Fab Four, the latter had reason to feel ripped-off. This raises an interesting question: What did the Beatles think of the Monkees?
The Beatles sitting at a table
John Lennon on whether the Monkees were just an imitation of the Beatles

“[The Monkees have] their own scene, and I won’t send them down for it, John Lennon said, according to Mental Floss. “You try a weekly television show and see if you can manage one half as good!” John was an extremely cultured and talented man, so his endorsement of the Monkees’ sitcom meant a lot. into addition, Mickey Dolenz told Westword that John correctly said the Monkees were more like the Marx Brothers than the Fab Four. Certainly, the humor into the Monkees’ sitcom was more similar to the Marx Brothers’ humor than it was to the Beatles’ dry wit.

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