Elvis Gave John Lennon Harsh Advice When He Said Crowds Scared Him

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

In 1965, John Lennon and the rest of The Beatles met one of their longtime heroes, Elvis Presley. The band had all been fans of the American artist for years and were thrilled that they had the opportunity to meet him. When they met, The Beatles were dealing with Beatlemania and turned to Elvis for advice. He’d been famous for years, and Lennon hoped he could offer insight on how to deal with rabid crowds. The answer Lennon received from Elvis was likely not what he’d been expecting. 

In 1965, The Beatles traveled to America and met Elvis. Lennon told the media that they’d been looking forward to the visit more than anything else. 

“There was only one person in the United States that we really wanted to meet, and that was Elvis,” he said, per the book Here Comes the Sun: The Musical and Spiritual Journey of George Harrison by Joshua Greene. “It was difficult to describe how we felt about him. We just idolized the guy so much.”


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