Fab Four trivia celebrating 50 years of Yellow Submarine

Sunday, July 01, 2018

July 17, 1968, saw the premiere of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. It was a feature-length animation based on a Paul McCartney novelty ditty sung by Ringo Starr. George Harrison, unhappy at the time with his role in the group, wasn’t wholly excited by the project. John Lennon, true to acerbic form, would be more dismissive: ‘The Yellow Submarine people… were gross animals,’ he said in 1980. ‘We had nothing to do with that movie and we sort of resented them. We didn’t know what it was.’ And yet this psychedelic adventure, in which the Fab Four battled the blue meanies, was a hit. Half a century on, a spruced-up version is back in cinemas. Ahead of that, Event presents a shoal of things you never knew about it – including the fact that Lennon was fibbing…



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