Frozen in time: Paul and Linda McCartney and family, 4 April 1976

Sunday, April 22, 2018

In April 1976, Paul and Linda McCartney were on a month’s break from the Wings Over the World tour, which would head to North America in May for Paul’s first shows there since the Beatles’ final US gig in August 1966. Photographer David Montgomery, who had also shot the cover for Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, captured the McCartney clan – including sheepdog Martha and Lucky the dalmatian – in what looks like bucolic bliss, but is in fact the back garden of their London home in Cavendish Avenue.

Animals were a huge part of family life. Paul has often said that he and Linda became vegetarian after watching lambs gambolling outside their farm window. They pushed their lamb chops aside, and that was the end of their meat-eating days. “It is because we like animals, it’s an ethical thing, not really about health,” Paul told Nigel Slater in 2007.

Source: Campbell Stevenson/


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