John Lennon Rejected Disgusting Mick Jagger Offer

Friday, July 05, 2019

The Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus is one of rock’s most memorable concert films, uniting some of the biggest names in rock history, with Mick Jagger fronting The Rolling Stones and being joined by The Who, Eric Clapton, and The Beatles icon John Lennon. Lennon agreed to perform at the show, but then rejected the offer when he saw boxing kangaroos. He sent Yoko Ono to demand the kangaroos be removed.

Lennon reconsidered after his request was met, and the kangaroos were no longer part of the show. The Rock and Roll Circus was the first time Lennon spread his wings without his Beatles bandmates, and was a hint of what was to come for him during his solo career in the 70’s after The Beatles break up. This Rock and Roll Circus performance was an odd and unique show, with a carnival vibe and crazy outfits. Jagger’s then girlfriend Marianne Faithfull is also featured as a performer in the film. Sadly John Lennon is no longer with us, but The Rolling Stones are on tour, and in an interview promoting a show, Keith Richards revealed the surprising Stones classic that he thinks is terrible.

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