Mardi Gras 1975: When Paul McCartney got a Zulu coconut

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

One of the best parts about searching The Times-Picayune archives is unexpectedly tripping over a little piece of treasure, like this photo of Paul and Linda McCartney accepting a golden Zulu coconut in 1975. I was researching photos for a retrospective on the Krewe of Zulu when this gem popped up.

I had questions. Who was the dapper gentleman in the middle presenting the coconut? In the original photo, he was only identified as "Zulu official.'' Where was this photo taken? Who is the little girl?

The best person to answer these sorts of questions is Clarence Becknell, longtime historian for Zulu. After looking at the photo, Becknell correctly identified the man in the middle as Harold Doley Jr., who was son of that year’s King Zulu, Harold Doley. Doley Jr. now lives in New York City, and at age 71, is still working in investment banking. I emailed him the picture, and he said, "That photo brought back so many memories.''



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