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A bonus DVD containing the rarely seen 75-minute television special ‘Wings over the World’ and the photo gallery montage entitled ‘Photographer’s Pass’. Scroll down to hear a live version of 'Maybe I'm Amazed' now. 

In addition to the audio CDs and live DVD, the deluxe box-set also contains four art books packaged with exclusive memorabilia, souvenirs, mementos, keepsakes and never-before-seen photos and art work 

Additionally, Rockshow the 1976 film documenting Paul McCartney & Wings' famous Wings over the World tour is to be released on DVD for the first time on June 10. Filmed at the Kingdome in Seattle, Rockshow was not premiered until November 1980 in New York and April 1981 in London. 

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The pair were joined by friends, as well as their respective wives Nancy Shevell and Barbara Bach, for the meal at the celebrity favourite haunt.

Ringo and Paul, 70, have had a love-hate relationship since their Beatles days, with their last performance together coming in 2009.

In an interview back in 2011, Ringo said of his relationship with Paul: 'We are as close as we want to be. 

'We’re the only two remaining Beatles, although he likes to think he’s the only one.'

But despite the fact that their friendship appears to be more love than hate at the moment, it looks unlikely that the pair will enjoy a musical reunion any time soon, as both Paul and Ringo currently have separate commitments.

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A campaign started by Tony Bennett and his son Danny to get people to call their congressmen to encourage them to vote in favor of new legislation.

And guess who's serving as head cheerleader?

By texting "MYVOICE" to 877877, you get an automated message from McCartney, after which you're connected to a U.S. senator's office.

"Hi, this is Paul McCartney, and in a minute you will be connected to a congressperson who needs to hear your voice, now. Tell the congressperson that you support common-sense laws that keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people, including criminal background checks on all gun sales," he says.

"Enough is enough. Please add your voice -- and thank you for adding your voice to end gun violence."

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Ironically, his whip theirs five-to-one in terms of lyrical beauty, melodic classiness, harmonic might and thematic vision. Whatever the devil all that means. Plus, he was probably the nicest.

This was a pal who popped over to the US for a look during one of the heights of Beatlemania, only to come back dismayed, according to my former employer in the muffin restaurant.

Apparently he didn't find any "free love" or "free sex", did our good Georgie. However, let us not be too explicit about these things in journalistic records, just in case we go down in legal ones.

Anyhow, so he liked a bird?

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Kaplan discovered that The Beatles were the most popular band used by ESL teachers, with 40 percent stating that they used the songs of The Fab Four such as "Hey Jude," "Love Me Do" and "A Hard Day’s Night" during lessons.

James McCartney, son of Paul McCartney, said, in a press release, "What a great way to learn any language — by learning through music. Music is a universal language that can bridge the traditional language barrier, and the music of The Beatles has always been a bridge of love and communication. I think this is great."

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Linda McCartney and Wings - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paul McCartney, the last remaining bachelor Beatle, got married.

His bride, the former Linda Eastman, won McCartney’s heart while she was working as a celebrity photographer. Sent from her New York home to London on assignment to take pictures of “Swinging Sixties” musicians, she ran into McCartney several times during her assignment. They met again in New York a few months later, and McCartney was smitten. He asked her to come to London, they soon married, and fans everywhere had to give up their dreams of marrying a Beatle. 

Linda McCartney’s marriage to Paul happened at a time when the band was on the rocks, and the Beatles’ breakup was soon to follow. Though Linda didn’t have much involvement in the music of the Beatles, she was to play a big part in Paul’s next band, Wings. Still, she didn’t always get the credit she deserved. 


A Hairy Story - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I had mine done at Max the Mad Russian's, near the Majestic Cinema in town.

Nor did I notice anything specific about their hair when they returned back from Germany. Looking at the photos of the time, taken by Astrid and by Mersey Beat photographers, I couldn't see anything that was radically different from the style most Liverpool youngsters and group members sported.

Then, when Brian Epstein took them over, I noticed that not only did he spruce them up in mohair suits made by his tailor Beno Dorn in Birkenhead, but he took them to Horne Brothers at the corner of Lord Street and had lots of publicity photographs taken of them enjoying a new coiffeur by the unknown barber there. I say unknown, because no one these days could quote the name of the barber who gave them the style, on the instruction of Brian Epstein, when he took them to the fashionable barbers in April 1963.

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The collector is Raul Blisniuk, the auction house, Saráchaga, the opportunity, the mega auction of over 600 items of memorabilia linked to Bealtes, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, among other great bands with base prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 120 000. Expectations are high among those involved. Prices are affordable because the idea is to sell, not to expose.

"It's the first time we do an auction of memorabilia. Operating in the house there is no difference, if the type of objects that we, not our usual," admitted John Mary Poiron, one of the directors and auctioneers of Saráchaga in dialogue with á

There are many aspects that make the event interesting. First, not often seen in Argentina such lots, less priced in local currency. In turn, base prices go to auction those are very accessible, coupled with the popularity of the artists and the need for savers and investors to find value stocks in the formal market.


The Beatles are arguably the most important and influential rock group in history, and yet they’re on a search for redemption after losing to the Kinks in the finals of last month’s UCR Hall of Fame poll. They took a big step towards that goal by absolutely trouncing Buffalo Springfield (88% to 12%) in round one.

Of course, the Who are no small potatoes themselves, having just scored their own landslide victory (in this case, by an 85% to 15% margin over the Guess Who) in the first round of our competition. Without classics such as ‘Tommy’ and ‘Quadrophenia,’ it’s hard to say what the template for classic rock albums would look like today.

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As the statement mentions, Ono's past nine times on top of the dance chart were attributed to DJs breathing new life into her past songs like “Walking on Thin Ice.” This 10th visit is special in that “Hold Me” is a completely new song she wrote with Audé. An EP of the track was released in February with remixes by EDM producers like Dave Audé, Ralphi Rosario, R3HAB, Papercha$er, Dirty Loud, Emjae, Rich Morel, Ivan Gomez & Nacho Chapado and Tommie Sunshine. With many hot mixes to choose from, there is no doubt that club DJs had no problem giving this tune a spin.

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