Paul McCartney explains how George Harrison's expletive-filled rants benefitted The Beatles

Friday, June 22, 2018

The Beatles legend confirmed details of his new album release earlier today.

Paul McCartney has recalled how George Harrison would get The Beatles out of doing things they didn’t want to do.

The Beatles bassist announced earlier today (June 20) he is set to release his first solo album in five years in September.

Speaking to Gordon Smart on Radio X, McCartney said: “George would often be the one – when we’d be having to do something we didn’t fancy – who would just go, ‘Why we fucking doing this? What the fuck? What the fuck’s this? I don’t fucking want to do this!’ And then it was like, ‘Yes!’

“You’d maybe say, ‘George, I think we have to do it,'” he continued. “‘I’m not fucking doing it!’ and you’d be going, ‘Yes, great!’ so none of us have to do it. He’s got us off it! And it was brilliant, always good to have one them around, you know? I have to do that for myself now.”

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