Paul McCartney makes surprise guest appearance on 30 Rock

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Paul McCartney stunned the studio audience — and by the looks of it, possibly actor Alec Baldwin — by making a surprise walk-on appearance during a live episode of NBC’s ’30 Rock.’

It all went down just as the episode’s premise was being established, with Baldwin’s television executive Jack Donaghy telling Tina Fey’s show producer Liz Lemon that the series’ central, fictional variety show would no longer be shot live due to budget constraints.

'30 Rock'


Lemon immediately launches into defense mode, insisting live television has value because “anything can happen,” when right on cue and beautifully proving her point, McCartney is escorted into Dongahy’s posh office in order to use the restroom.

Get a load of the look on Baldwin’s face — either he’s an even better comedic actor than we already gave him credit for, or he truly didn’t know the former Beatle was going to appear on the show.

Following a parade of short, interconnected sketches featuring various characters flashing back on their love of live television, with ample help from stars like Jon Hamm, Donald Glover and Amy Poehler, Donaghy relents and agrees to keep the show live.

McCartney then wanders onto the set, dazed and confused. Apparently, he hit his head and is suffering from amnesia, a condition Lemon immediately takes advantage of by posing as his girlfriend.


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